• Power: 1800 wat
  • Suction power: 360 wat
  • Cord length: 6M
  • Dust capacity (Bagless): 2 L

1 years warranty 

690.00 790.00


Easy to check the inside

Large litter box inside

The spacious interior litter box can hold 2 liters of dust and dirt, so you can clean for longer without having to empty it frequently. And since the litter box has a large transparent “slot” lid, you can easily see how full the bin is with just a quick glance and without having to bend over.

Easy to check the inside

ease of separation

Extremely comfortable to hold

Easy-to-grip handle*

The easy-to-grip handle and ergonomic, non-slip design give you a tighter, more comfortable grip. Thus, you can control the movement of the vacuum cleaner easily and without tiring your hands. The handle can also be twisted, so the hose never gets tangled.

*Available in VC18M312XXX, VC18M314XXX, VC18M316XXX series.

Extremely comfortable to hold

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